August 2023

Concentration & Relaxation

When we go on a residential retreat, we often hope that our meditation will result in a deepening of concentration: a quality of composure, collectedness, of settled attention. But unfortunately, we can’t force concentration to happen! We can, however, support the conditions that allow it to arise. This simple fact has been really helpful for […]

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Understanding Delusion

Buddhism teaches us that suffering and unskillful states of mind arise out of three basic roots: greed, aversion and delusion. While greed and aversion are often fairly easy to recognize in our experience, delusion is much harder to recognize! Learning about some of the different ways that delusion happens can help us recognize it. One

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Hidden Beliefs about Accepting What Is

In mindfulness practice, we often emphasize accepting experience as it is, simply observing what is happening, without holding on to or pushing away experience. Yet, sometimes unseen beliefs or views can creep into “accepting”. So it can be useful to explore subtle, perhaps hidden beliefs even within the practice of accepting. Accepting is the possibility

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Recognizing Mindfulness

At the end of a recent residential retreat, someone asked me for a simple practice to engage with in daily life. I offered the practice of becoming familiar with what it is like to be aware and mindful. When we more readily recognize the sense of being mindful, the many moments when we are spontaneously

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Taking Retreat Practice Home

As we settle into a retreat, from time to time we might experience states of calm, peace, happiness, and joy. Leaving retreat and returning to our daily lives, we sometimes feel that these states are very far from our experience. In your daily life, let yourself be open to the possibility that this kind of

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Personal and Collective Suffering

In our meditation practice we often emphasize exploring our inner, personal experience. Through our practice we begin to open to the personal suffering that each of us experiences based on the conditioned patterns of our lives. Yet as our exploration of our personal suffering deepens, a question can naturally arise: “How can this practice help

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Awareness and Wisdom Meditation Instruction Booklet

Download PDF Instructions for Receptive Awareness Practice Transcribed and edited from a July 2015 residential retreat with Andrea Fella  Day 1Initial Instructions for Receptive Awareness PracticeRelaxation Wise Effort, Wise Mindfulness and Wise ConcentrationChecking the AttitudeThe Wandering MindWalking MeditationGuided MeditationEvening Reflection: Allowing and Love Day 2Sleepiness, Restlessness and Thinking Guided Meditation: Simple Evening Reflection: Trust Day 3Supports

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Self Reporting as Practice 

As a weekly or twice-weekly practice, take some time to reflect on how you have been  practicing in your daily life: What conditions support mindfulness? What conditions or  situations make mindfulness difficult? What did you notice when you were mindful?  How might a Dharma perspective support you at times when practice is more difficult?  Does

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