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Since the time of the Buddha, the Dharma has been kept alive by being passed from one person to another.  Traditionally there is a mutual support:  those who support others by offering the teachings are supported in their lives, receiving food, shelter, medicine, clothes, by those who receive the teachings.

This interlocking system, which was in place at the time of the Buddha, creates a feedback loop, a connection between those who share the Dharma and those who receive the Dharma.  

I have chosen to honor this tradition by offering teachings on donation, so that they are as accessible as possible, and I have been supported by donations be able to continue teaching.  It is a privilege to live in this way, to trust and be supported by the Dharma in order to teach the Dharma.

We all support each other in our practice.  As we cultivate awareness, wisdom, compassion and kindness from a ground of ethical conduct, we support our own well-being and happiness, and very naturally also support the well-being and happiness of others.  Cultivating wholesome qualities of mind and heart is itself and act of generosity and support.

May your life nourish wisdom and compassion, and may you live with ease.


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